What's the point of an exact fit construction solution is different from other construction project applications for many reasons, including the ability to easily customize to meet unique needs. is different from other construction project management applications for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is the ability to easily configure to fit your unique project and business needs. For that reason, is considered an "exact fit" solution.

Most of the other leading construction software applications have been built from the general contractor's perspective only. While this works for most GC's, it creates problems for organizations that take on the role of a subcontractor, construction manager, architect, owner, or other. solves this issue by allowing you to configure the forms and fields that are available out-of-the-box or even build completely custom modules. 

There are hundreds of organizations that use every day and many have different roles on their various projects:

Based on a recent study from Capterra, a third-party Gartner review website, 92.5% of users recommend over other construction management solutions because of the flexibility and general ease of use.

The ability to customize to meet unique business needs is beneficial to different types of organizations, but it is equally beneficial for different roles within the same organization. For example, the data that you work with every day is most likely very different if you are part of the accounting team vs. part of the team out in the field. In fact, you might even want to hide accounting information from the field team in some cases. This type of configuration is easy in because you can declare permission access down to the field level on forms. You can choose from options such as "No Access", "Read Only Access", and "Read/Write Access".

There are many ways to customize to fit your organization's exact needs. In you can configure forms, reports, dashboards, workflows, user roles, and more. Each configuration can be defined at a project level or built into project templates to help keep everything consistent and easy to use. 

No two organizations are the same, and each has its own way to track information on construction projects. That's why it's important to choose a construction project management solution that lets you build your intellectual property into it. is a platform that has the industry standards set up by default but has configuration abilities that help you mold the platform to be an "exact fit" to help you achieve your organizational goals. 

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